Rov Arquiza '20 Teaches "Breaking 101" Class

On January 8th, Rov Arquiza ’20 led Living Learning Community students in a “Breaking 101” class. Breaking, the correct term for what is more commonly known as “break dancing,” is an exciting form of alternative exercise, and Rov was an awesome teacher! We interviewed him to learn more about his experience with breaking and his Dartmouth student experience in general.

How did you become interested in breaking?

I started out primarily as a free style dancer when I was in elementary schools. At school dances and weddings, I felt comfortable dancing and didn’t care what people thought. I would just go to the dance floor, and eventually, I learned how to do more than just flail my arms around then. I didn’t know how to “break” back then.

Then, in middle school, I learned some beginner’s breaking moves on YouTube. I learned basic stuff like the Worm and the Coffee Grinder, and throughout high school, I continued teaching myself as much as I could through online lessons.

When I got to Dartmouth, I became more serious about breaking. Before I joined Street Soul last year, the group used to have an instructor who was a grad student named Kartik Pawar. He was a great breaking teacher, and he had been part of a college crew at Duke. Now that he has graduated, the members of Street Soul are self-taught. The members of the group are constantly motivating one another to get better, perfect their moves, and push themselves. Many of my closest friends are in Street Soul. We perform at dance competitions called “jams,” which I find are a great way to improve my skills.

What has your experience been like living in a Living Learning Community?

I was a member of T3 (Thriving Through Transitions) last year, which was a really tight-knit community. I attended most of the floor meetings and other events. In the fall of 2017, I even organized a T3 Reunion at Professor Washburn’s house. The purpose of the reunion was not just to bring the former members back together, but also, to impart wisdom to the current members of the Living Learning Community.

I now live in La Casa, which is also an awesome community. I consider myself an intermediate Spanish speaker, and I definitely have plenty of opportunities to improve my Spanish through La Casa.

What House Community are you part of?

I am a member of North Park. I think that the College is doing a good job providing social opportunities through the House Communities, and that the communities are off to a great start.  I think that it would be great if the House Communities provided more opportunities for student groups like Street Soul to perform.

Rov, member of the Dartmouth Class of 2020, is a premed student from Nashua, New Hampshire who is considering pursuing a Math major.